Friday, June 19, 2009

BlazBlue Tourney Details


Alright peeps, Arcadia has confirmed with me that they will provide us 2 machines and they will be set to event mode.
They said they'll give participants a little present too. Nice, eh? =D
You need not provide your own tokens for the games after paying for the registration fees.
Those who have confirmed with me, please turn up earlier on that day as Arcadia has requested that all of us fill in a registration form. You can also go there anytime on your own before the event day to fill it up. For people who still wish to sign up, you can do so too! Just approach the counter for the forms. =)

Ok here are some things to take note!

Sign ups: Walk-in sign up is also allowed on the date itself. Cut off time will be 2:45pm, where we will start on the set ups and brackets generating.

Time: Tourney will start at 3pm.

Format: 3 point match, double elimination. Best of 5 rounds in a match. If you lose a match, you still have a chance to make a come back from the losers bracket. However, if you lose again in the loser's bracket, you'll be out.

Character switching: You are not allowed to switch characters between matches.

Astral Heat: Astral Finishes are allowed. So Ragna, Rachel and v-13 users are allowed to use it to finish the match if they want to.


1st prize - $20 worth of Arcadia tokens

2nd prize - $10 worth of Arcadia tokens

3rd prize - $5 worth of Arcadia tokens

Good luck to all participants!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Round1 youtube group

Just wanted to let people know that there's a youtube group created for videos of local matches. You can find them here.

Round 1 Youtube Group

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friendly Public Announcement Service =)

Heya peeps!

There will be a BlazBlue E2MAX Launch party at Cineleisure Level 9 on it's release.
(Would appreciate if Artist could confirm the date and time so that I can update.)

So people who have pre-ordered via E2MAX, or people who are interested in getting to know the game, do head over and enjoy yourselves yep? =D

The Wheel of Fate Is Turning!
Rebel 1: Japanese Release on June 25th
Rebel 2: US Release on June 30th

Are you ready for the Rebel?!