Monday, May 25, 2009

BlazBlue Tourney @ Arcadia, Iluma [18/07/2009]

Hey guys!
Arcadia has given a green light to have a tourney at their arcade on the 18th of July. Tentatively, I'll set the time to 3pm for the tournament.
For now, I am sticking to the 3 point match double elimination format as there are 2 machines available.
However, I need to get the number of participants first before I can finalize stuff with Arcadia, regarding set ups, prizes etc etc.

Please show your interest by leaving a comment here, or email me - akane [dot] kiske [at] gmail [com]
Participants who have taken part in the previous tourney, I have also sent you guys an email regarding the tourney. =)
I'm sorry if I left anyone out from the previous tourney. But do join in!