Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Observations From The Loke Test

Ok, so we went to the loke test at Osaka Namba Hills Arcade.
There are some small stuff we noticed during the loketest.

People are still trying to figure out how to link Hazama's normals, including after the swing and pulling opponents to him. Maybe they will tweak his normals in the next loke test.

Rachel is more dependant on wind now, but her canon now shoots faster.

Arakune is very dependant on his fever.

The players commented that Tager is now pretty scary.

There's more variety in Noel's strings now.

Othwerwise, every other character pretty much are the same, with some minor things to adapt to.

Looks like major changes might happen only in the next loke test.

Peace out!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

BlazBlue Loketest @ Osaka Namba Hills Arcade

Yes folks, we're in Japan and we went for the loketest in Osaka!

It was fun. There were some changes for players to adapt to but I am sure that is a minor problem. We were lucky to get 2 plays despite the crowd.
I managed to win a Hakumen before losing to a Jin in the first go and won a Noel before losing to a Ragna in the second go.

Kilvear played Carl in the first go and got bullied by said Hakumen. He played Bang later in the second go.

We also managed to meet up with HeartNana!

Yeah, that's him with cheese curry rice. We may have more updates to come, but that's all for now.

Peace out,