Sunday, September 27, 2009

2v2 Tourney Pictures & Results!

A BIG shout out to all participants and major props to Farp for helping out!
And a big thank you to TKA for hosting this tournament! Thank you for making it possible! =)
We had 23 teams! That's a whopping 46 participants! Keep this up and we're not far away from 3v3 now! =)

Here are the pictures and results!

One screen for each machine so that people won't have to climb on chairs to watch the matches. (lol)

Players warming up before the battle.

Our very own Farp, being one of the commentators and the video man.

Players looking intensely at the battles on the screens.

It's getting hot as it nears the semis.

3rd placing match. (They fought so hard that the BB Tourney poster is starting to fall off?)


1st Place
Team LitChiChiBoy! Brothers power with Leon (left) and ChiChiBoy (right), 3rd place winner from the second tourney.

2nd Place
Team Boss. With 2 time champion Souhaku (left) and Zio (right), 4th place winner from the first tourney.

3rd Place
Team きもちいい ですか? (Kimochii Desu Ka?) with Jaeshi (left), 3rd place winner from the first tourney and Lionel (right).

Here are the standings:
1: LitChiChiBoy (Leon (Litchi) + ChiChiBoy (Ragna))
2: Team Boss (Zio (Hakumen) + Souhaku (v-13))
3: きもちいい ですか? (Jaeshi (Bang) + Lionel (Rachel))
4: 2nd Hand God (Kuni (Carl) + ZackTee (Rachel))
5: Joke Beans (Pablo (Arakune) + Cheesebunz (Arakune))
5: Blah Blah (GLH (Tager) + Mistwraith (v13))
7: Ragna Fetish (Mono-GTR (Jin) + Barewolf (v-13))
7: Beauty & The Beast (RuckyZOMG (Litchi) + Daichi (Arakune))
9: Depox (Popcorn (Arakune) + Han Sen (Bang))
9: B & P (Neph (Litchi) + Rx (Taokaka))
9: Floor Scrubber (Ice Cube (Jin) + DNeo (Noel))
9: No Dash (Setsuna (Hakumen) + Edz (Tager))
13: Nameless (Brixgrounds (Tager) + Efendi (Bang))
13: 変身 (Akai (v-13) + Enoma (Litchi))
13: Wantan (7Fan (Noel) + Wan (Ragna))
13: Like Clockwork (JayEm (Tager) + Poke (Noel))
17: Orange Julius (Avenged (Taokaka) + Walker (v-13))
17: Big & Small (Farp (Noel) + Taxi (Litchi))
17: Pink Rangers (Thorsten (Jin) + Holy Beergut (v-13))
17: AES DOGS (Hannybal (Litchi) + Marspeople (Ragna))
17: Mizzet (Mizzet (Noel) + Onlooker (Rachel))
17: Great Justice (Glimmerous.FOP (Noel) + Matafleur (Tager))
17: Disconnected (Kyonster (Ragna) + CWX (Tager))

Once again, a big thank you to TKA and all participants in making this tournament a success!
We hope to see you again in the next tourney!

Akane, peace out! ♥

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  1. I would like to say, thanks for all the effort you guys put into the tourney. I could tell that you really tried as hard as you could to make this a success. You even had video cameras and stuff, quite alot of work! Mad props.